Swarg Ashram is just like its name Swarg (Means- “Paradise”- In Hindi). Situated on the bank of a vast and broad River Narmada, this quiet & lush green Ashram is one of the most appropriate places to be for a sincere seeker on the path.

BABA encourages seekers to visit/ stay in Ashram for short or long durations- depending upon their quest on the path of Meditation or their desire to work on their spiritual journey. He can further guide someone to either stay in silence or engage in Meditations or regular Ashram activities. Many seekers visiting annually in Winters- stay In Silence for 3 or more months, however this is not a mandate. Some Annual Celebrations & regular Meditations keep the energy for this lovely Ashram in right balance- which is what Osho & Baba always want.

Osho’s Birthday 11- December, Mahaparinirvaan Diwas- 19 January, Enlightenment Day- 21 March are all celebrated with full fanfare in the Ashram along with Baba’s Birthday (5th April), Enlightenment Day (21 August), And Guru Purnima (Mostly in July every year).

At the Ashram, one is free to Live with One-self (Aloof), stay in silence, dance, celebrate & participate in Keertan on special occasions for which one is also free to bring their musical Instruments & add to the flavour of silence & celebration- which is in essence what Swarg Ashram is all about.