As they say, for a Master- A physical body, is only an instrument. His birth, and all the people He touches at different times in their journey are blessed by His sheer presence.

BABA (Swami Purnanand Bharti) was born to a family of farmers on April 5th, 1947 in a small village named Nitter in Guna district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. On the day of his birth in 1947, It was a traditional Hindu festival- “Hanuman Jayanti” (Birthday of Hanuman- Lord Rama’s chief disciple & an Avtaar of Shiva). Baba’s disciples enjoy celebrating His birthday every year on Hanuman Jayanti (Every Purnima in the month of Chaitra as per Hindu Calendar)- the corresponding date for which keeps changing for an English Calendar.

Baba’s father Late Shri Shiv Charan Singh used to do farming and mother Late Shrimati Sunder Bai was a homemaker. Baba is the youngest amongst his three siblings. Baba went to primary school (till class 5th) in Hurari village at a distance of 1 km from the village where he was then living. Like a village with no roads & transport facilities in India which had just became an Independent country in 1947, He would go to school by foot and also swim through Baitva river which came en-route from home to school. For higher secondary schooling (from class 6th till class11th), He went to Mungaoli, a town 5 kms away from His village.

In 1971, He completed His graduation degree from a college in Ashok Nagar. Baba was the only child in His family to complete a Graduate’s degree. Baba got married to Divya Ma the same year and He started working with Public Works Department (PWD) as a supervisor. His family was very happy as they saw Baba getting well settled in his life and having a government job to support his family.

Baba had been a sanyasin since 1977. Thirteen months after taking sanyas, on August 21, 1979 and doing intense Dynamic Meditation, one day while sitting with friends, He experienced- “The happening” which over a short period of time blossomed into enlightenment.

He has been showering His Love and blessings with all Osho lovers for over 38 years in meditation camps across India & abroad. Even today, Baba spends some of his time in His Ashram in Raajpipla, Gujrat, India besides traveling to Europe, America and Australia where He holds meditation camps. When you get to know Baba you will find there is nothing better than to sit in silence with Him.