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Ashram is 85 kilometer from Vadodara and 200 kilometers from Ahemdabad. When you planning your visit, please contact us in advance and we can provide you with contact details of some taxi operators who offer pick up facility from these major railway stations and airports near Rajpipla.

Please contact us before visiting.

Ashram Address:
Swargashram, Nana Patna Village, Near Rajpipla,
Dist. Narmada,
Gujrat, India

Swami Anand,

+91 9479884101

9479884101, 9638604623, 9427156240 (Rekha Ma)

" जिस जगह भय है;वहाँ प्रेम हो ही नही सकता।और अगर प्रेम है तो भय हो ही नही सकता।"


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