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Ashram is 85 kilometer from Vadodara and 200 kilometers from Ahemdabad. When you are planning your visit, please contact on the numbers below for transportation assistance to Ashram.

For auto rickshaw (between Ashram and Rajpipla)
Amit - 9726240473

For Taxi (between Ashram and Ahmedabad / Vadodara / Surat)
Rakesh - 9427506930
Jittu - 9099610008
Maqbool - 9879256719

Please contact us before visiting.

Ashram Address:
Village - Nana Patna, Sisodara Road
Taluka - Nandod
Dist. Narmada
Gujrat, India
PIN Code - 393145
Contact Details:

Call Timings (IST):
11am - 1pm
5pm - 7pm
Please call only on this number and between the above mentioned timings. In case your call is not answered, kindly drop in the message.

" जिस जगह भय है;वहाँ प्रेम हो ही नही सकता।और अगर प्रेम है तो भय हो ही नही सकता।"


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