About Baba

As they say, for a Master- A physical body, is only an instrument. His birth, and all the people He touches at different times in their journey are blessed by His sheer presence.

BABA (Swami Purnanand Bharti) was born to a family of farmers on April 5th, 1947 in a small village named Nitter in Guna district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. On the day of his birth in 1947,

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About Swargashram

Swarg Ashram is just like its name Swarg (Paradise). Situated on the Bank of a vast and broad River Narmada, this quiet & Lush green Ashram is one of the most appropriate places to be for a sincere seeker on the path.

One can reach here Via Vadodara or ..

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Title: Intense Video Discourse Bodh Gaya

Date: 19-March-2017


Total Duration:22:32

Video Taken: India, Bihar

Translated: Not

Title: Where am i stuck even after 35- 36 yrs of doing Osho Meditations

Date: 02-April-2017

Language: Hindi

Total Duration: 56:46

Video Taken: India, Chandigarh

Translated: Not

Title: Behana hi zindagi hai

Date: 20-Sep-2015

Language: Hindi

Total Duration: 06:16

Video Taken: US, New York

Translated: Not

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